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Quaker style ... stile quacchero

Old samplers are so beautiful. Recently I have been looking at Quaker designs. Although I am not overly fond of their pictorial sections, I find the clever use of geometry and of the simplest of alphabets so very charming. I did a bit of research about the choice to use geometric shapes in the medallions and half medallions and found out that this distinctive style is relatively recent, appearing only around the beginning of the 19th century in Quaker samplers. I was amazed to read that Quakers began to build schools and common buildings in a octagonal shape around 1760. Looks like that they are less expensive to build and heat, and allow for more light, which probably explains why octagonal style became quite the fashion in the 1850s. Funny how real life is so often reproduced in cross-stitch! Most of the reproductions of Quaker samplers make for rather large designs, and large projects are not for me. So I took a little time to create my own Quaker style mini-sampler, which I am ha…

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